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Slaves Tattoo

The oldest known tattoos

The oldest known tattoos are on a 5,000-year-old mummy named Ötzi.

Small marks were found sitting over his joints, which are believed to be marked zones for pain relief.
Tattoo - a very old one

In the past, tattoos were used to mark slaves.
The Christian Church fought against the tattoo tradition in Europe,

for according to the Old Testament, body adornment is a sin.

The way of tattoos to Europe

When Europeans began their journeys of discovery and colonization around the world in the 16th and 17th centuries, they encountered many people who thought it was still natural to get a tattoo. A man from the Philippines was tattooed all over his body his name was Gialo, in 1691 an Englishman took Gialo with him to England where he was allowed to travel around as a Sight. In Europe, it was generally believed that the tattooed were cannibals.


In 1774, another man was brought in, this time a man from Polynesia named Omai. He was taken to England for the same reason as Gialo. Omaj became known very quickly in London. He was known as the savage who ran around the fine streets of London. He toured around the country as an exhibit. Tattooed people were a big attraction. Sailors and other people on the move usually had tattoos, which led to the development of tattoo art in Europe.

Tattoo Glossary

      • Aftercare – The information the tattoo artist gives you to avoid getting infection or bacteria in your new tattoo and make it heal and look as good as possible. It is important that you carefully follow the aftercare on your new tattoo.
      • Autoclav – A machine that sterilizes equipment under high pressure and temperature, including tattoo and piercing.
      • Body Suit – A full body tattoo that normally starts at the neck or collarbone and covers the entire body to the ankles and ankles. Hands and feet usually do not remain tattooed.
      • Beef – A customer who does not say a single word during treatment.
      • Chopper Tattoo – Online gallery for tattoo designers. Chopper Tattoo Is the shit if you want to find a design and print and take it with you to your tattoo artist and tattoo it on your body.
      • Copycat – Tattooists who steal other tattooists’ works and market as their own
      • Cover up – to use a new tattoo to cover an old one
      • Custom – Artwork specially designed for you or modified by the artist to suit you.
      • Dealers – Bargainers, customers who want the best price, like buying a rug.
      • Flash – Legally reproduced sheets of art hanging on the walls of many studios.
      • Gun – Older type of tattoo machine often made of eg a doorbell and needles for tattooing
      • Threaded tattoos – tattoos that show the wearer’s affiliation
      • Ink – Another name for tattoos
      • Prison Tattoo – Made with a simple home-made machine in a prison.
      • Lady Luck – A beautiful woman placed centrally among other lucky symbols such as horseshoes, four-leaf clover etc.
      • Meat – Someone who frequents the local tattoo studios and usually has some fresh ink healing.
      • Old English – One of the most popular fonts for older text tattoos.
      • Meat – another word for the tattooing process for larger tattoos.
      • Pussyball – A tennis ball given to the person being tattooed to squeeze to distract the pain.
      • UV tattoo – Made with UV ink that is said to be carcinogenic.
      • Scratcher – A cash tattoo artist who bites too deep or has an unsteady hand.
      • Showcase – A customer who wears a lot of one particular artist’s work.
      • Sleeve – Full arm, creation that goes all the way around the arm all the way up to the shoulder.
      • Stencil – Lines for the tattoo artist to follow that are applied to the skin before the tattoo begins.
      • Tattooist – tattoo artist who can not draw or make his own designs
      • The Look – The smile a customer gets after first looking at the finished tattoo and loving it. Tight – A way to describe a great tattoo.
      • Tramp stamp – Slender tattoo on girl / woman
      • Tribal – Solid color on the skin, often without details.
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