In Thailand, not everyone have Tattoos. Swedes is one of the world’s most tattooed people. There can be many reasons why you want to remove a Tattoo. A Tattoo can be associated with an old love affair. The Tattoo can be badly done, even misspelled Tattoos occur. In addition, many employers place ever higher demands on tattoos on visible skin, while other employers appreciate Tattoos. In the US, 17% regret any of their Tattoos.

It´s hard to estimate how many people getting a new tattoo every day, and it is constantly increasing. Removing a Tattoo is very common today. The research and development of laser machines to remove Tattoo, has in recent years been avalanche-like. Compared to just a few years back in time, we can now remove tattoos faster, more efficiently and significantly more painlessly. When removing your tattoo at Everyday tattoo Studio in Bangkok, you can feel confident that we give you the best possible tattoo removal service.

What colors can be most easily treated?

You can treat most colors. The easiest way is to remove dark colors, while light colors need several treatments. Metal paints or neon paints cannot be treated. We do not treat cosmetic tattoos on the face. However, it is possible to treat traumatic tattoos on the face, ie. discolorations after, for example, bicycle accidents, gunpowder splashes, etc. Medical tattoos ie. tattoos made, for example, in connection with radiation treatment of cancer, can also be treated ass well. 

How many treatments to remove a tattoo?

The number of treatments varies greatly. The easiest way is to treat amateur tattoos in black. Then 4-6 treatments may be enough. It takes longer with professional Tattoos and Tattoos with several colors. Then you may need from 6 treatments to many more. One can never say in advance exactly how many treatments are needed, or guarantee that a Tattoo will go away.

Tattoo removal Bangkok Thailand

Time between tattoo removal treatments?

Allow 6 to 8 weeks between each treatment. When 80% of the Tattoo has disappeared, you can wait 6-12 months. Many times the Tattoo disappears more or less by itself. So it is important to be stubborn and have patience if you want a nice result!
Does Tattoo removal hurt
When you are treated, it feels a little more than when you were tattooed. It is therefore good to prepare. Use EMLA cream under a plastic bandage 1 hour before the treatment. Feel free to take 2pcs 500 mg Alvedon the night before, 2 in the morning and 2 an hour before the Tattoo Removal. Then everything goes much smoother. The treatments for Tattoo Removal are much faster than when you got a tattoo.
Numb Cream for Tattoo Removal - Information
Use of cream for numbing the skin. Cream should be applied thickly to the entire area to be treated at least 1 hour before the treatment. Cover the entire area with plastic, eg Saran Wrap, fasten this with eg freezer tape. Alternatively, you can apply cream in a thinner layer every 10 minutes on the entire area to be treated. Then start 1 hour before you have your time (then you do not need to cover it with Saran Wrap). The effect remains for an hour or so after lubrication is completed. Do not use on mucous membranes or near the eyes.
Will the tattoo disappear completely?

One can never guarantee that a tattoo artist will disappear completely.
Some tattoos are harder than others. Some colors are harder than others.
But even at 80% bleaching, it can be difficult to see that you have had a tattoo.

Will there be scars from the treatment?

Normally you do not get scars from tattoo removal with laser. Sometimes you can see a slight, weak scarring. This is usually due to injuries that result from the actual tattoo. A tattoo means that you have to get the color into the skin with the help of needles or to insert the color. This in itself can cause a slight damage to the skin. The tattoo laser, on the other hand, uses light that goes straight into the skin and down to the tattoo pigment without physically damaging the skin surface. Sometimes the skin can become a little lighter and sometimes a little darker from the treatment. This usually normalizes over time. If you have very dark skin (Indian, African), it is common to have darker skin in the beginning. You may get sores or irritation in the treated area.

Before the treatment?

You should not sunbathe 4 weeks before.
If you get sores and irritation from the treatment, do not sunbathe until it has healed. It can take up to 2-3 weeks.

Before Tattoo Laser Removal
Before Tattoo Laser Removal

Here you can see photos from tattoo removals. What it looks like after the towing has been removed. Today’s technology for tattoo removal usually gives very good results. But it is worth knowing that tattoo removal is not always 100% removal of the tattoo. It all depends on the quality of your tattoo, ie how well the tattoo is done. A correctly performed tattoo with a shell must be in the right layer of skin, it also gives the best results when removing it. A tattoo in black is also easiest to remove, while tattoos in some other colors can be more difficult. Do you have more questions? Feel free to call us on + 66 909 143693

Tattoo Laser Removal
Tattoo Laser Removal

How tattoo removal works

Removing a Tattoo is nothing new. It is a technology that has been around since the 60’s and has evolved over time. Everyday tattoo studio in Bangkok has a classic YAG laser that removes your Tattoo in an average of 3-7 treatments. Number of treatments depends on your Tattoo.

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