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Thai Blessing by Ajarn Ohr
Sak Yant Tattoo Grand Master Ajarn Ohr blessing before tattoo

Thai Tattoo Europe / World

Thai Tattoo World tour, Thai Sacred Tattoo studio och Grand Master Ajarn Ohr visits Europe annually on their world and Europe tour to perform their magical tattoos. For current and updated information and tour schedule see info about Original Sak Yant. Soon we also hope to be able to start the new tours in Europe and the rest of the world – next year when it gets better. We will visit Sweden once a year to perform rituals, blessings and activation of Thai tattoos.
Thai Tattoo Sweden Grand Master Ajarn Ohr
Grand Master Ajarn Ohr
Hand Poke Stick Thai Style
Hand Poke Stick Thai Style

Receiving the Blessing Guidance

Thai Tattoo Sweden Yok Khro Blessing by Ajarn Ohr
Yok Khro Blessing by Ajarn Ohr
1st. Yok kroo

The sacrificial gift

Offer a donation to the master. On your knees, face to face at arm's length with your gaze lowered to the floor, the dish is stretched with gifts forward. He will bless the receipt of the tattoo while offering the offering. We have sacrificial gifts on loan, but you can if you want to bring your own sacrificial gift to make it more personal. This gift is called Parn Kroo and consists of, for example, flowers, cigarettes, a small bottle of alcohol, incense or candles, etc. The second offering, Kar kroo, is a traditional donation of money to the master, on which the master and his family live.

Some of this money is donated to temples and poor people in the mountains of Thailand. Tradition involves money on the tray as a donation. So of the cost of the tattoo, you have to keep £ 20 and put this on the donation tray.

Ajarn Ohr and Bangkok Ink donate some of the money to help people. It can make a difference for villages and schools in the mountains far away from Bangkok. There are no roads, no telephone signals. You can only get there with 4 × 4 terrain cars. There are hundreds of members in the 4 × 4 Off-Road Car Club, including Ajarn Ohr, who all donate to these villages. Sak Yant and Buddhism are after all about helping people ..

Thai Tattoo Sweden Thai Tattoo by Ajarn Ohr
Thai Tattoo by Ajarn Ohr
2nd. Rab Karn Sak Yant

Recieve the Sak Yant Thai Tattoo

Control your breathing, inhale and exhale, steadily, while meditating. Try not to move when you receive the tattoo. Ask for a break if you want one. It is no problem to take a break during the tattoo ..

Thai Tattoo Activation Ajarn Ohr
Thai Tattoo Activation Ajarn Ohr
3rd. Seak Kha Tha -

Blessing and activating the powers of the tattoo

While receiving the blessing, fold your hands in a prayer-like position and keep your eyes closed. Think about what you want out of life. He will put coconut oil on the tattoo and start a song to activate the Sak Yant Thai Tattoo design and give you what you want. It's about thinking positively and making a fresh start in your life.

Thai Blessing by Ajarn Ohr
Thai Blessing by Ajarn Ohr
4th. Krob kroo

Personal blessing

After completing the activation of the tattoo, you will be asked to turn and face Ajarn and then receive a personal blessing with a blessed gift (Tukret) from Ajarn Ohr. The master will put the Ruesi mask on your head. Traditionally, this is to accept you as a disciple and if you wanted to become a disciple as many thousands of Thais have done. You only accept in your mind.

Han kommer att be för din lycka, för skydd och för tur.

On completion the tattoo, gold leaf is placed beside the tattoo to enrich the magic and your life. Once everything is complete we will cover it for the journey back home.

Thai Tattoo World tour with Grand Master Ajarn Ohr

Thai Tattoo Sweden with Ajarn Ohr, who is one of the foremost Sak Yant tattooists we have met to date and then we have seen Sak Yant from almost all active masters who practice Sak Yant in Thailand. Ajarn Ohr has four disciples and only Wat Bang Phra has more. Two of them also work with thaisacredtattoos.com They are all at the highest level of handmade Sak Yant Bamboo Tattoos in Thailand. The technology behind handmade Bamboo tattoos has evolved over time and the bamboo stick has long been with our tattoo artists against one in stainless surgical steel. When you tattoo yourself with the masters that Thai Sacred Tattoo Studio works with, you are guaranteed a tattoo that is performed under real hygienic conditions. Traditionally, ink soom needles have been shared by those who have received tattoos in the temples – with us you are guaranteed sterilized equipment, disposable needles and inks from certified manufacturers.

Thai Tattoo Sweden Ohr Water Blessing
Ajarn Ohr Water Blessing
Everyday Tattoo studio Bangkok Thailand
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