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Thai Tattoo Sweden, with Thai Sacred Tattoo studio and Grand Master Ajarn Ohr. For up to date information and bookings, please read below.

We hope everyone is staying safe from Covid 19, and we also hope to start the new tours in Europe and the rest of the world – next year when things get better. We will be visiting Sweden once a year to perform Rituals, Blessings and activation of Thai Tattoos. 

Dates, how to book, procedure, blessing for appointments. Below and at the bottom of this page

Thai Tattoo Sweden with Grand Master Ajarn Ohr

Thai Blessing by Ajarn Ohr
Below is Ajarn Ohr at his Sak Yant Thai Tattoo Temple performing blessings
Thai Tattoo Sweden Grand Master Ajarn Ohr
Thai Tattoo Sweden with Ajarn Ohr, who is one of the best hand poke Thai tattooist we have seen to date and we have seen nearly all the work produced, from Sak Yant masters who practice the art in Thailand. Ajarn Ohr has four disciples and only Wat Bang Phra has more. Two of them work in  Sam Nak on a weekly rotor to produce, Thai tattoo Sak Yants. They are all at the highest level of Thai hand poked style tattooing. Hand Poke Bamboo style techniques has advanced over time. Thai Sacred Tattoo Studio has worked with our masters to make sure all the tattoos are done with hygienic Surgical Stainless Steel rods, with new needles on every tattoo. We also use genuine ink directly from the manufactures Eternal Ink and Dynamic Ink.
Below are examples of Hand Poke Sticks made from Stainless Steel
Hand Poke Stick Thai Style
To buy Thai Tattoo Hand Poke kits including shipping can find it here
Hand Poke Tattoo Kit

Below is Thai Sacred Tattoos Website. You can scroll and use it like a normal website to see the dates and lots of information.

Thai Tattoo Sweden Tour

To book an appointment please read below

To start the booking process, you will first need to select the Sak Yant Thai tattoo design you are interested in.
You can start by looking at this website page.

We are also building this website and adding to it to give more information about Thai Magical Sak Yant Tattoos tattoo designs

You can do a google image search or click the link below to start your search.

Sak Yant Thai tattoo design

You can use a combination of the search keyword (Sak Yant Thai tattoo design) to get more results.
To book, please let me know your preferred day, morning or afternoon and studio.

Below you can read about accepting and receiving the tattoo, activation of the tattoo and getting a personal blessing from Grand Master Ajarn Ohr. If you need any more information, please ask.

Thai Tattoo Sweden Ohr Blessing Ceremony
Grand Master Ajarn Ohr being interviewed in Happy Sailor Tattoo Studio London
Thai Tattoo Sweden Ohr Water Blessing
Thai Tattoo Sweden Sak Yant Thai Tattoo

Receiving the Blessing Guidance
1st. Yok kroo
Presenting an offering to the master. Kneel forward, face to face to the master about 50 cm apart. Present the offering on the dish to the master with the arms outstretched while looking down and Masks will be worn from now on.
Thai Tattoo Sweden Yok Khro Blessing by Ajarn Ohr
He will do the blessing to receive the tattoo at the same time as you present the offerings.
We have offerings to present but if you would like to bring your own offering to make it more personal. Then you can bring flowers or cigarettes or some small bottle of spirit or incense or candles etc.
This is known as Parn kroo and there is one more called kar kroo. Which is a traditional donation/offering to the Master. This is the money from which the Master and his family live on.
Also, some of this money is donated to temples and poor people in the mountains of Thailand. We still need to put money on the tray as an offering. So out of the cost of the tattoo, you need to keep £20 and put this on the offering pan.
Ajarn Ohr and Bangkok Ink donate some of the money to help people. It can make a difference to villages and schools in the mountains far away from Bangkok. There are no roads, no phone signals. You can only get there by 4×4 drive vehicles. There are hundreds of members in the 4×4 club Ajarn Ohr runs, which all donate to these villages. Sak Yant and Buddhism is all about helping people.
2nd. Rab Karn Sak Yant - Getting a Sak Yant Thai Tattoo
Control your breathing, breath in and out, steady, while meditating. Try not to move when receiving the tattoo. Ask for a break if you want one. Not a problem to take a break.
Thai Tattoo Sweden Thai Tattoo by Ajarn Ohr
3rd. Seak Kha Tha - Receive the blessing and Activation of the tattoo
While receiving the blessing, put your hands together in a prayer-like position and keep your eyes closed. Think about what you want out of life. He will put coconut oil on the tattoo and start a chant to activate the Sak Yant Thai Tattoo design and bring to you what you wish for. It is all about thinking positive and making a new start to your life.
Thai Tattoo Activation Ajarn Ohr
4th. Krob kroo – Personal blessing from Ajarn Ohr to you
On completion of the activation of the tattoo. You will be asked to turn around and face the Ajarn and then you will receive a personal blessing with a blessed gift (Tukret) from the Ajarn Ohr. The master will put the Ruesi mask on your head. Traditionally this was to accept you as a disciple and if you did want to become a disciple as many thousands of Thai people have done. You just accept in your mind.
He will pray for your happiness, for protection, and for good luck.
Thai Blessing by Ajarn Ohr
On completion the tattoo, gold leaf is placed beside the tattoo to enrich the magic and your life. Once everything is complete we will cover it for the journey back home.
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